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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Devil you Know Part 2

Bill M. is completely out of control and trying to kill me. He is yelling a theory he has about me being a part of some plot to get rid of him. The more I try to talk sense the angrier he becomes. Bill M. has hit me from behind and knocks me once again to the floor; he is now punching and kicking me.

Tommy has been working on the flower beds that sit in front of the building; they are storing the materials when not in use under the front stairs. I grab a bag of peat moss and knock it to the side, Bill M. is in a full incoherent rage and is making even less sense. I begin to grab handfuls of dirt and start throwing it in his face. He is sputtering and spitting the dirt back out, all the while he is swinging his fists and pummeling me. “Is everything alright?” I can hear Tommy screaming through the closed front door and I begin to scream “Help!” in response to his question.

Bill M. has now grabbed the shovel and he has started swinging it, he is trying to hit me and almost achieves this several times. I can hear Tommy fumbling with his keys and trying to unlock the door, Bill M. swings the shovel again and I roll and he hits the floor with a “clang!”

Bill M. is covered with dirt, there is dirt in the air, and Tommy is wrestling the door open and screaming for Roy to help him. Roy and Tommy always yell out the windows to each other when someone is down in front of the building. I can now hear Roy running down the stairs above me. 

Bill M. pauses, takes his arm and wipes his face with the back of it. I see this as my window of opportunity and hit him with all my might dead in the center of his chest. He immediately gets knocked off his feet and the shovel clatters away from him. I grab the shovel and swing it hitting in the stomach, and then I swing it again and again. Bill M. is fighting back and when Tommy pushes through the door I have the shovel above my head ready to bring it down on Bill M.

Bill M. screams that I am trying to kill him with the shovel and that is exactly my thought process at this time. I have to kill him. Tommy knocks me in the chest and I drop the shovel and begin sobbing and shaking. Bill M. is telling Tommy the whole story of how I bugged the room with listening devices and how Tommy and Roy set up video cameras to film him in the apartment.

Bill M. is making less and less sense by the time Roy flies through the door. I am still screaming and sobbing, Tommy has a “Holy Shit” look on his face and Bill M. is babbling. Roy seems to immediately sense that Bill M. has gone off his medication and grabs Bill M’s wrist. He begins to lead him back into the apartment and into his bedroom. Tommy helps me up and walks me out the front door. He then helps me climb the stairs to his house. He leaves me in the living room and immediately dials the police for help.

Ten minutes later there are two squad cars in front of our building. Tommy meets them on the street and explains what he believes happened. I am watching them from the front window and I see them enter the basement apartment. One of the police officers walks upstairs with Tommy to take a statement from me. I can see the other officers escorting a dirt covered, rambling Bill M. into the squad car. It is clear to the officers that he is off his medication and they take him to CDPC, Capital District Psychiatric Center. He will end up staying there for six weeks.

To be continued………

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent. 

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