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Sunday, March 30, 2014

All the Nuts aren’t with The Pancake’s Part 15

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I scream jumping three feet in the air. I quickly rap my knuckles on the glass. His face doesn’t move his grin just gets bigger.

“It’s a free country and I can do what I want to do.” Chris yells back at me.

“Even watch me in the shower?”

“Yup.” he says absent-mindedly as he rubs his moustache. I turn around to face the wall.

“Especially when I got the keys to the castle.”

I turn back to him, he doesn’t move, he just starts to giggle.

This I heard perfectly clear and my brain decides immediately what this means.

I turn away from him again.

“Keys to the castle?” I ask purposely bending over to soap my legs.

“Yeah, keys. I got him wrapped around my little finger.”

“Who, do you have wrapped?” I ask not looking up.

“You know who and I can do whatever I want here.”

Chris then leans forward and taps the glass again.

“Nice butt,’ he hisses.

I quickly stand up, turn around and bang my hand against the glass. Chris just giggles. He smiles, and I see that he has yellow little teeth. “Like a rat,” I think to myself.

“So you better watch your butt missy,” Chris points a finger at me, then swirls it. He goes to take a step and staggers forward. His face is now pressed to the glass.

“I made one of them disappear already and the second one is on his way out.”

Suddenly it is crystal clear to me. It is early in the afternoon and Chris is bombed. He begins to ramble on about George and how he made Fred disappear.

Chris suddenly leans in cups his hand to the glass as if he is telling me a secret. “And, that nasty queen is next,” Chris whispers then points to the ceiling.

I assume that he is talking about Bill but I don’t question it, not yet.

Chris staggers away from the shower hitting his shoulder on the way and bouncing back towards George’s room. I watch him trip and stagger to the staircase.

An hour later I find Bill and tell him what Chris said.

“Girl that hooker is up to no good.” Bill says lighting up a cigarette. He then leans on the counter blows out a stream of smoke, looks directly at me.

 “Lordy,” he says looking right in my eyes. “I hope that he doesn’t fall prey to an even nastier queen than himself.” Bill then throws his head back and releases a cackle.

Somewhere in the distance, I imagine thunder and lightning.

To be continued…

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