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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting out of town fast. The move to Boston. Chapter 3

Thankfully for me, Mark called within a couple of days.

Mark was excited. "Good News, Priscilla has a friend named Tammy who just broke up with her girlfriend Joanie, so she is looking for someone to live with her."

"How big is her place?" I asked

"Two bedrooms, huge kitchen, living room and two bathrooms." "You split all utilities and the rent is insanely affordable."

Mark whispered the part about the rent, as if it was top secret.

"I can't wait to get out of his shit hole!" I hissed back into the phone.

While I was talking I could hear George's new "rent boy" snoring in the next room. I had the phone cord stretched as far as it would go. To be able to talk near my room.

I sneaked a peek into his room. I had to take me ear from the receiver and extend my arm to get a look in "Crackie's" room.

I wasn't sure what his name was but Bill named him "Crackie" and since I wasn't staying, I refused to refer to him as anything else.

 "Crackie" was laying face down on his bed. He was completely naked from the waist down. An old t-shirt covered his torso. His room was already over flowing with garbage. Old plates of food, ashtrays and bags of crap silently spilled into the hallway. The smell was about as bad as he was.

I casually mentioned to George that his new ward had some hygiene and serious drug problems.

"Not everyone is as privileged as you!" George shot back at me.

"Privileged?" Recently, I had taken to sneaking up the stairs at night, opening the fridge and finding whatever I could eat. Always hoping no one would notice a bite missing here, a chicken leg missing there. I was at the end of my means. I had no money. No savings, but I would work to get the money to move. I was desperate to get out of here, to change my life. The only person I knew in Boston was Mark. I was willing to risk everything and show up with the clothes on my back and little else.

Mark gave me Tammy's number and told me that she was expecting my call. I would call later when no one was around. I wanted to call from a pay phone or some untraceable place because George would always circle my phone calls on the bill and leave me a note as to how much I owed.

As I hung up the phone with Mark, I had a thought. I planned on calling David tomorrow and letting him know my plan, maybe he had some thoughts on what I should do. David was good at helping people flee. I just hoped his plan wasn't to burn down the house.

To be continued…

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