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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey! You! Get Out of My Way! Part 13 Enter the 9th Circle

“Frightening”, says Don as I walk back around the side of the bar.  “You don’t know the half of it,” I say opening the side entrance.  ‘Trust me, I do,” responds Don handing me a shot. “I’ve had to go up there myself on occasion.”
I don’t even ask what I am about to drink, I just throw it back.  The dancer is now sitting down on the bar completely naked smoking a cigarette.  “I’m on break” he says to me with a wink.  A really old man is leaning on his leg and looking into his eyes.  “Isn’t a naked dancer illegal?” I whisper to Don.  “Lots of stuff here is illegal” Don whispers back adding a laugh.”
“What’s in the wooden boxes I served with the boilermaker and who’s the old man upstairs?” I ask.  Don puts one finger up to his lips.  The phone rings and Don grabs it, he looks at me and points to the basement door.  “Tree wants you downstairs.”

I walk out from behind the bar.  “Be careful,” Don says with a laugh” there are more monsters in the basement then there are upstairs.” I flash him a “your real funny smirk” and cautiously, I approach the basement door.  It can’t get any worse can it? I grab the handle and yank it open. 
The noise level is louder in the basement and the lights are much brighter.  The staircase is actually pounding in time to the music.  I slowly walk down the stairs waiting to see what this next adventure will bring.  The place is jumping.  It is packed full again with lots of old men and very young twinks. I see that Scott and Dennis have cozied up to the bar.  Scott ever on the prowl see’s me and raises his drink in my direction. 
I see Tree behind the bar holding court, he waves me over.  “Geoff’ I want you to meet some friends,” he says a big smile crossing his face.  “Geoff this Carl” Tree says putting his hands on the shoulders of one of his bar patrons.  I put out my hand to Carl and he shakes it.  Tree moves further down the bar to the next patron “Geoff meet Neil.”  “Nice to meet you Neil,” I say extending my hand.

“And Geoff, this is Bob.” Tree says with a smile.  I turn and find myself eye to eye with a blond tussled muscular surfer with killer blue eyes.  Words fail me.  “Hi, I…I…I” “am Geoff” Bob says finishing my sentence and grabbing my hand in his.  I can’t look out of his eyes and a perfect smile appears on his face.  His teeth are straight, white and he has a twinkle in his eye. 
I stand there not moving for a good three minutes.  “Let go of his hand,” says Tree out of the side of his mouth causing Bob to laugh.  You know that part in the movie when the wave crashes on the beach and the music begins to swell?  Well, this was that moment for me. 
“I hear this is your first night,” says Bob.  “Uh huh,” I respond.  We are slow dancing in my mind.  Everyone around Bob begins to laugh.  “Wow, you cast quite a spell,” says Tree to Bob.  Bob doesn’t move, he just stares deep into my eyes and keeps the smile on his face.  “I……I……I am very pleased to meet you,” I say still looking in his eyes.  Bob is still holding my hand and I can feel the warmth of his hand in mine.
I slowly pull my hand out of Bobs, realizing that I am making a fool out of myself.  “What….what…what do you do for a living?” I stammer looking at Bob.  “Bobs a lawyer,” Trees quickly says.  “Corporate law,” and adds a wink to Bob.  The wink escapes me as I stare at Bob. 
“Oh Geoff wait……….Robin!” Tree yells waving across the bar.  “Robin, Robin!” he yells louder and waves his arms like he’s landing a plane.  I really don’t need to meet anyone else.
Robin Byrd looks over at Tree, acknowledges him and begins to walk in our direction.  She is wearing what is her trademark look, a string bikini and cowboy hat.  I notice that the bikini is not really holding that much in.  She saunters up to the bar and flashes a smile. 
“Robin I want you to meet Geoff, he’s new here,” Tree says reaching across the bar and pushing me forward.  Robin looks at me and I notice that she has an eye that sort of just wanders off.  She puts her hand and out and says “Nice to meet you.”  “Nice to meet you,” I quickly say.  “If you need anything Robin, just ask Geoff” Tree adds.  Then Tree quickly blurts out “He’s not from New York City.”   Robin smiles and I take a step back.  It’s then that I realize I am pushed up against Bob, I can feel him behind me.  “Nice,” whispers Bob and puts a hand on my hip.  I almost faint.
“Hey new kid,” someone screams across the room breaking my moment.  I realize its Scott.  He motions me over with his riding crop.  “Excuse me,” I say to Robin and Bob.  Bob flashes another smile at me and I walk backwards a few steps.  Quickly I turn and walk right into a patron.  “Hello cutie,” the patron slurs.  I can smell booze on him and he is teetering, trying to put his arms around me.  I suddenly hear the crack of the riding crop as Scott brings it across the old man’s head.  “Move along grossy groccerson” says Scott hitting him with the riding crop again and again.  The old man lunges and staggers away from us.  Scott grabs my arm and pulls me to the side of the bar and pulls out a stool. “Have a seat” Scott says dusting it off with his riding crop. 
I steal a look back in the direction of Bob.  He is staring at me with a big smile on his face.  “Oh, you like ‘em big and cute?” says Scott placing the riding crop under my chin.
To be continued……….

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writting "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent.

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