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Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Start at the House of George Part 6

“And that is my ex!” George says stepping into the house before closing and locking the screen door from the inside. Then he does the same to the metal door that leads into the house. Then he turns the deadlock.

Raising one finger to his lips, he turns to me and says in a low voice ““Shhhhh…Our little secret.”

“Tell me where on the doll he touched you?” I imagine the police department will be asking me later. That is if I can get out of this house of crazy. We have only begun the tour and I am with a man heading into the basement with a man wearing a security guard uniform. My brain whispers that he is “Also carrying a club and handcuffs. “

I am always prepared. Always. I watch a lot of horror movies. I know some things. Important things. Like, never let the security guard with a club and handcuffs ever get behind you. Look for a pitchfork when you walk into a room, you might need this to kill him if he turns into something else like a Vampire or a Wolf man.

It is 20 steps to the basement, no more and no less. I do the math. “How fast will I need to hit the steps to do two at a time?” George opens a door at the bottom of the stairs and we walk into a shared bathroom. Large room, yellow shag carpeting, dingy lighting, glassed in shower (exposed), toilet (exposed) and a sink. This is clearly a display room in which to clean and kill bodies before you turn them into what? I scan for clues.

George gets a twinkle in his eye “Shower, toilet and sink, lots of room and right across from my bedroom.” George slaps his hand on the wall. “No one goes in my room but me.”

I try not to shit my pants and focus on the task at hand. I clearly just jumped, because the twinkle in his eyes gets bigger. Or did his moustache move? Twitch? Maybe it didn’t. I can’t tell. I am wired like a jumpy cat, just waiting for George to kill me. “The bedroom is at the other end of the basement,” George says extending his arm pointing. I look in the direction. The hallway is dark and a crack of light is coming from somewhere down that dark and spooky corridor.

“At the other end of the hallway?” I ask. “Yes, at the other end of the hallway.” George continues pointing. “Rule number one is to never let the killer get behind you,” my brain screams.

George continues pointing as he steps behind me.

To be continued…

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