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Sunday, December 22, 2013

All the Nuts aren’t with The Pancake’s Part 1

The weekend came and went. David and Adam helped me move. They got to see George's house but no one was there. George, Bill and Freddie had all gone somewhere together. My new keys would be hidden in a flowerpot around the side of the house.

David pulls up next to the curb and Adam and I step out. Adam and I walk around the side of the house to find the keys as David starts dragging all my things up the front walk to the door. I didn’t have much to move so it took David no time at all.

The flowerpot and the keys were easy to find. Right on the side of the house where George said they would be. “Easy and quick,” I said turning to Adam. “Come look at the pool.” I said grabbing Adam’s elbow and dragging him towards the back yard. We stumble up to the fence and look over. “Wow,” is Adam's reply at the sight of the pool. Strange though, the pool was on. Water was foaming at the top, while we could hear the pump working. Looking at each other and then back at the pool Adam said, “I thought you said they weren’t home.” without looking at me.

That’s what I thought.” I replied. “Maybe they are away for a little while?”  I asked

“Maybe,” Adam hissed, as if we were in a Horror Movie and we had just discovered the true secret of the house. “Maybe the house comes to life when someone gets hurt.” Adam whispered under his breath.

Adam and I had just watched Burnt Offerings with Karen Black. He was sure that the plot to kill me and steal my soul, was alive and well at the House of George. Or at least that’s what he kept telling me.

“I could use a little help!” David yells making us both jump. He is now standing behind us, clearly irritated. “I thought you left me to do all the work.”

Turn the key in the door and once were in the house we are completely alone……except for that fucking, swearing parrot. “Faggot’s! Faggot’s!” It screamed at us.

It was a quick and ferocious move. Not only from Joe’s house to The House of George but life started humming. There was a new fire in me. I felt that I needed a change. I felt that I needed to create a list of things that I needed to do. 1. I felt that I needed a car, 2. I needed to get a degree and 3. I had to change my life.

David helped me with getting the car. He also took me to The Sage College of Albany on new Scotland Avenue in Albany. I knew what I wanted to be. I was going to be an actor and get an acting degree. It was going to be part time, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. We applied, I got accepted, signed up for classes and purchased my materials. 

Then I moved my waiter shift at Denny’s to the graveyard shift.

To be continued……

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent.

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