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Monday, June 3, 2013

8 Balls and the House on Dana Part 11

The available apartment for rent is located in the basement of the building. You enter the apartment by stepping into a tiny-carpeted corridor with an eight-foot ceiling with and a single bar bulb overhead to illuminate it. 

The landlord reaches for the cord that dangles in front of him and gives it a tug, we hear  a little “click” and the little room barely becomes any brighter. The landlord fumbles in his pockets for the key and after four tries, finds the correct key, puts it in the lock and the door swings inwards.

Immediately, the height of the ceiling drops about two feet shorter. The landlord nervously laughs as he explains that the ceiling directly above my head is exactly six feet, two inches from the floor. I stand in at six feet, six foot one and Kim is about five foot four on a tall day. The landlord’s head is tipped to the left during the entire tour of the property. Kim whispers “ six five” and I whisper back “six three.”

The living room is rather large, the walls are painted a bright sunny yellow and the floor is concrete. “I rarely get to come in here,” the landlords smiles while he motions “Vanna White like” around the room. There are two windows in the living room that look out onto the street. Pulling the drapes back I look out. From this viewpoint, I will have a clear view of people’s ankles and any garbage blowing around on the street.

The next room he shows us is the kitchen. There is a tiny step up into the kitchen, which forces the ceiling to become lower. The landlord now hunches forward, placing his hands on his upper thighs.

The kitchen of the house is clearly the main hub; every room can be entered from here. The two bedrooms that were listed in the ad are located on opposite sides of the kitchen from each other; there is also an entrance into a “dressing room” that then leads into the bathroom and a doorway that leads into a “back room.” Every room is a step down from the kitchen and once you step into the rooms the ceiling returns to match the height of the ceiling in the living room. So if we live here I will not be able to “jump up and down” while I am cooking.

On one side of the kitchen are two windows that look directly into the lot next door and on the other side of the kitchen sits the water heater for the entire building. The space is split by a kitchen table, it is the only piece of furniture we see anywhere. “The dressing room” leads into a windowless bathroom that houses a toilet and a claw footed tub. Kim immediately falls in love with the tub and decides that we need to move in.  “I want this,” she whispers cupping her hand to my ear.

The last room on the tour sits behind an innocent looking door off the kitchen. The landlord steps forward, grabs the knob, pauses and smiles nervously at us. “No one goes in here anymore” he says. I hear the theme from “The Exorcist” tinkle somewhere in my brain.
The door swings inwards as the landlord steps back. Again he motions in a Vanna White way that clearly says “After you.” Kim and I step into the room. Well actually I get pushed into the room by Kim as she holds a piece of my t-shirt and a piece of my back skin. Before us sits two cement rooms, one after the other. We walk in as if we are in an episode of “Scooby Doo.” The landlord stands at the door still talking to us, he will stay there the entire time we are back here. 

The story he tells is about two rooms that used to be here, an old woman and her son and a fire that took the rooms with it. “Did anyone die?” I immediately ask. “Oh, I don’t think so,” chuckles the landlord. I immediately place my follow up question, “Is this place haunted?”

To be continued…….

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