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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey! You! Get Out of My Way! Part 18 Back in Albany New York

Jonathan jumps a foot in the air and whips around to face me.

“I….I….I was talking to myself.” Jonathan quickly states his eyes shifting from me to the bedroom.

I take a step towards the bedroom and Jonathan takes a step away from me.

Slowly walking forward, I don’t take my eyes off of him as I walk into the bedroom. Crawford sees me from her cage and begins to frantically jump up and down. Her little hands grab the bars of her cage as she tries to get to me. I open her door and place my hand out. She immediately climbs onto my hand and runs up my arm. 

Crawford perches on my shoulder and stands up, her little hands frantically paw at my face. If she could climb onto my head right now, she would.

I turn to face Jonathan. “What’s wrong with Crawford?” I ask.

“She, she, she doesn’t like me,” he says pointing at Crawford as a little bit of spittle forms on his lips.

“She doesn’t like you?” I ask, my voice rising a little too loud. 

“I want to be her friend but she doesn’t like me,” his eyes look at the floor.

I take a step towards Jonathan at the same time he takes a step back. “She’s a rat Jonathan, how do you know that she doesn’t like you?”

“Because, because, “he stammers. 

I take another step. If he hurt this animal I will take his head and crush it like a walnut.

This is a fact that I suddenly mention out loud to Jonathan.

Tears well up in his eyes and he begins to blubber. Spit bounces off his lips and the tears come in torrents.

“I went to her cage and put my hand in but she tried to bite me.” He pushes the snot from his nose with the back of his hand and wipes it on his cheek.

“She hates me and I just want to be friends with her.”

“Jonathan, you don’t touch her, her cage and the area within 10 feet of her should remain free of you.”

I begin screaming and walking towards him, my finger begins to jab my point home to his chest. 

Crawford is trying to stand on my shoulder. I have never seen terror in an animal that I am seeing in Crawford as I walk towards Jonathan. Jonathan stumbles back with each poke.

Someone from the group home begins to knock rapidly on the hallway door to the bathroom.

“We’re not finished,” I say to Jonathan as I walk into the bathroom. I unlock the door to the group home to find Leo standing in the hall. 

“I can hear you through the wall, would you like me to kill the freak?” Leo asks looking around me.

Crawford jumps onto Leo in an attempt to get out of the apartment.

 “I think I am ready to do it myself,” I say as Leo leans in hand me back Crawford. His eyes pause on me  and he quickly kisses me.

 “My hero is here, he was listening through the wall and he’s here.” I think to myself.

Leo takes a step into the bathroom and Jonathan pokes his head into the bedroom. Seeing Leo, Jonathan quickly pulls back. Like the superhero he is, Leo pushes past me and grabs Jonathan by the front of his shirt and begins to throttle him.

In between throttles, Leo issues the following statement. 

“You….will…..not…..bother…Crawford….or….Geoff…and…if…I…have to come….back here, I will.

Leo throws Jonathan to the floor where he begins sobbing worse than he was before.

For good measure Leo takes his foot and places it on Jonathans back, smooshing him to the floor. He sobs uncontrollably.

"Freak,” Leo yells down to him before heading back to me. He stops at Jonathan’s bed, grabs the blankets and walks back over to him.  

“Tonight, you sleep in the living room,” he throws the covers over Jonathan, walks back into the bedroom and slams the door.

“If you need me, call me,” Leo says leaning in for another kiss.

To be continued…..

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent.

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