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Monday, November 11, 2013

A New Start at the House of George Part 5

George motions with his hand to the staircase. The stairs go down about five steps to a landing. The landing has a door that opens to the backyard and to the pool area. “Hey, why don’t we check this out on our way downstairs?” George says pausing to open the door to the backyard. There is also a second door, a screen door, he props this open and I follow him outside.

The backyard is almost bricked in with little patches of grass poking out here and there. The pool is a four-foot above ground pool that is surrounded by a wood deck. Various towels and swim trunks hang haphazardly over the pool rail, drying in the sun. Several plants and trees have been positioned to give whoever is in the pool complete privacy.

As I round the deck I notice   someone standing in the pool against the far wall. He is in his early fifties, hair parted in the middle, slightly feathered. He sports thick round glasses and a 70s Porn moustache. His arms are spread out and resting on the pool deck. As his body stays open and to the front he smiles as our eyes meet. He is not what I consider handsome or even attractive but he has a smile that lights up his eyes.

“That one is Bill,” says George jabbing his thumb in Bill’s direction. “My ex who won’t leave.” Snarls George, walking around to the side of the pool. “I own half the house,” snorts Bill extending his arm as he walks through the water to get to me. “She,” Bill drawls and pauses briefly without looking at George but nods his head in George’s direction “Can’t seem to get it into her pretty, dizzy head, that I’m not leaving until I get paid to do so.”

Bill is now standing directly in front of me his hand still extended. I reach out to shake it. “Charmed,” Bill purrs as he flips the back of his hand up for me to kiss it. Then in a baby voice Bill pulls his hand out of mine. “I would join you on dry land but somewhere my bathing suit got lost and I have one heck of a time finding it.” Bill crosses his arms as if he is hiding breasts that I can’t see
“Beneath this top layer of water, I am au natural.” Bill slides down so his shoulders dip beneath the water. He takes his right index finger and makes a “no, no” motion in my direction.

“Too bad you resemble Ethel Merman instead of Esther Williams,” snarks George loud enough for anyone in the neighborhood to hear.  “I’m Marilyn Monroe,” Bill purrs as he starts to turn around and walk back to his original resting place.
“You never could figure that out could you?” Bills screams at George. Bill then stops mid walk and glance at me over his shoulder. “Dirty Boy, I can read your thoughts and the answer is yes I could be yours.”

“Stay right there,” announces George to Bill walking back to the screen door “I have to get an extension cord and a toaster, won’t take me a minute.

Bill snaps back at George “You know that I can’t ever die, wicked witches never really die, I will keep coming back and back.” With this said Bill slides his back against the wall, puts his head back and closes his eyes. “And close the door on your way in.” says Bill throwing his final dig at George out of the corner of his mouth.

To be continued……

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent.

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