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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A New Start at the House of George Part 8

The bedrooms are at the end of the hallway. There are two of them and they are separated by a wall, but there is no door to either room. 

Both rooms have curtains hanging from a bar to keep people out and to give you privacy.

I am worried that if I live here, I will hear every sound in the house and have little to no privacy. The actual bedroom is a nice size. It has a large double bed, a dresser, hanging closet and a tiny little window at the very top of the wall. There is no way to look out from where I am standing.

“The rent is $300.00 a month including utilities,” George says while holding back the curtain. I follow his eyes as they move to the top of the wall and focus on the window. “There is no one in the other room, and I’m not looking to rent it out.”

My brain is fighting with itself right now. One side is telling me to run and the other side is commenting on how great it would be to have a pool and a tiny window at the top of my wall.

“It’s very quiet down here and you would have no one to bother you.” “I’m rarely home and the only other people who live here are Bill who you met and my boyfriend Freddie, he’ll be here later.” George rattles this off as if he is reading a grocery list aloud.

“So, you want someone immediately?” I ask already knowing the answer. “As soon as possible,” George says trying to look extra friendly. A thin smile quickly flashes across his face but then disappears just as quickly when I start to look away.

“I don’t need a security deposit and if you want to move out, I would love a thirty day notice.” George now steps in the room, the curtain swings closed behind him.

 “You have access to everything in the house and I want you to make this your home.” “That is if you want too.” George opens his arms and slides that last bit in hoping to make the deal, hoping that I will take the bait.

George slides across the room and grabs my elbow. “Here, sit down on the bed, check out the room while I switch the wash to the dryer and I will be right back.” George quickly slides out of the room.

Three hundred dollars would be perfect for me. I would have a nice place to live, all the comforts that I need, plus a pool. 

I think that I might be overreacting a little bit. I mean George looks and acts like a Serial Killer but wouldn’t have Bill told me to run for my life? Or wouldn’t he have mouthed out of the corner of his mouth “Please help me!” when George wasn’t looking. 

Neither of those things happened, so I’m feeling better and better.

I stand, pull back the curtain and find George standing on the other side. “You’ll take it?” he asks

To be continued…

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent.

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