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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey! You! Get Out of My Way! Part 19 Back in Albany New York

I arrive at Myla’s party. Its eight o’clock Saturday night and Myla’s parents are out of town.

This time I get to walk through the front door to get into the house, instead of climbing through the bedroom window.

Myla’s parents left around 4pm with complete instructions for her to not have a party. Myla was on the phone moments later and people started arriving at 4:15. By the time I get there the party is in full swing.

The walls of the living room are sweating. People are everywhere. I can hear Myla screaming somewhere in the house “Man, I told you the only room in the house off limits is my parent’s room and you’re fucking in here?”

Two half dressed people stumble out of Myla’s parent’s room with their clothes in their hands. Myla has her ever present bottle in her hand; tonight there is no bag to hide it. Myla slams her parent’s bedroom door and lifts the bottle to her lips.

She turns and see’s me. “Man, you made it!” she throws her arms around my neck and starts to dance to Jefferson Airplane that’s playing on the stereo. She is already drunker than I have ever seen her.

After two more songs, I am done dancing for the moment. Myla is turning around and around with her arms out. It’s a couple of more spins and she crashes over the coffee table, sending drinks, ashtrays and people scattering.

I reach down and grab Myla’s arm. “Man, these fucking shoes need to come off!” Myla screams looking up into my face. She holds my arm with one hand and with the other removes her shoes. Myla throws her shoes over her shoulder without looking. I watch people in the crowd duck them as they wiz by.

Myla begins to drag me by the elbow through the house introducing me to everyone that’s there. It’s the first time I have ever been upstairs and I put the family photos that are displayed to the people I believe are her parents.

The house is pretty big with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. The décor screams 1970’s, with macramé wall hangings and string art proudly displayed.

There is also a pool in the backyard, it full of drunk and screaming hippies perfecting their cannon balls.

An old lady with a beer in her hand fast asleep and her head resting on her chest. “She’s the neighbor my Mom asked to watch the house to make sure that I didn’t have a party,” Myla says lowering her voice to a whisper. I think to myself “If the drunken screaming hippies are not waking her, I don’t think Myla needs to whisper.” “Also if you’re going to eat the brownies," Myla whispers to me "Eat one, she had four,” .

Several hours later, Rich stumbles up to me and asks me if I will take a trip with him to go meet Sleestack. Sleestack is his drug dealer that everyone buys from. He can get you anything and tonight Rich wants to pick up LSD. His real name is Gary and he was named after the Sleestacks from the Saturday morning show Land of the Lost.

I climb in the car with Rich behind the wheel. We thought nothing of drinking and driving back then. Rich is having a problem getting his keys into the ignition.

Turns out that we are going to meet Sleestack in a graveyard and someone needs to sit in the car. Little did I know that Rich wanted to sit in the car and have me deal with Sleestack. Rich gets the car started and on the drive over he explains that Sleestack loves to hit on him. It turns out that Sleestack loves to hit on everyone and anyone.

 To be continued……..

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