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Monday, April 8, 2013

8 Balls and the House on Dana Part 3

The front room on Dana Ave is sparsely furnished. It has a couple of couches, a coffee table and a giant DJ Stereo Deck. Kim tells me that Jackie is learning to be a DJ in the hopes that someday he can stop bartending and find another career as a DJ.

I have yet to see Jackie use it, him and Billy sleep all day and wake up an hour before they need to be at the club but Kim and I spin records all day and work on our blends. We spend hours and learn that the 12 inch of The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight fits well into Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax. Truth be told, we mix everything with Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax. Another favorite is Prince and Morris Day; they are played around the clock. Lately if I leave the house with Kim, I carry a Boom Box that plays Jungle Love so loud you can hear me coming.

Kim and I have now adopted the full on Punk Look. This look includes shaving the sides of our heads; dying strips of our hair blonde and making it stand straight up with Queen Helene Styling Gel. We create the craziest clothing that is held together with safety pins and bandanas. I wear wrap around black glasses and fingerless gloves, day and night. We smoke cigarette after cigarette and snarl at people who look at us funny.

Kim goes to see The Dead Kennedys and The Butthole Surfers live; there she discovers the joys of slam dancing and stage diving. I go with her once but ten minutes later a drunken skinhead with a serious head wound spits blood on me. I don’t need anything else to happen, I’m out of there. I let her have that joy for herself.

Kim drinks beer out of a paper bag and we smoke a ton of weed. We go to work where we sneak around the corner on our breaks to smoke more cigarettes and more weed. We spend the days mumbly and incoherent most of the time.

Kim and I are fascinated by the lives of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and stay up late at night watching the 700 Club. We think we are bad ass but get our feelings hurt when that daily passing car, screams “Freaks!” out the window at us.

We begin to drink a lot and fight. Then we start waking up around noon to buy more cigarettes.

To be continued……….

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