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Sunday, April 6, 2014

All the Nuts aren’t with The Pancake’s Part 16

Through Chris’ influence, George starts to create additional rules for the house. These rules include but are not limited to pool time, shower time, don’t be in the house at a certain time, don’t park in front of the house and no television in the living room after a certain hour.

Chris could care less about any rules; he just wants to see what he can get George to do on his behalf. George has taken to creating signs with the new rules on them. Heading to the pool? There is a hand written sign on the door that list’s the pools new hours. Didn’t see it before? Probably wasn’t there the last time you walked by.

My theory is that Chris doesn’t have a job, or a hobby or a life.

“Child, you are wrong about that theory,” Bill says to me one day during our daily conversation about Chris. “That boy’s hobby is leading George around and making up rules.” Bill lights up a cigarette, takes a deep drag and blows the smoke into the air.

“What if we kill him?” Bill asks me with a wistful sigh.

“We can’t kill him and every time we try to get any revenge against him, George finds out and more rules pop up.” I remind Bill.

The tension in the house builds and builds. At this current time, I have no money to find a new place, so I am stuck. Truth be told, I am barely hanging on by a thread.

At Denny’s my hourly salary is $2.35. The wait staff talks about often we get stiffed on a bill. You wouldn’t believe the reason actually tell me I don’t get a tip. The number one reason they don’t want to leave one is because I’m a fag. I have actually had customers ask me to send over a waitress because, “They don’t want a fag waiting on them.” If I don’t make tips, I don’t eat. My weekly paycheck goes to paying my household bills.

So I am already trying to find another job. Let’s see I have a GED and waiting skills I learned at Denny’s, so my job field is slightly limited. Oh and don’t forget my skills at illegally driving a delivery truck and working in a spa where you can smoke while you work out. That job field is completely non-existent. Right now it will be easier to deal with the rules of the house. Chris will slip up. My experience is that liars and thieves always always do.

Chris and George are drunk all the time now. Sadly, I have heard George pleading with Chris for sex. Chris is holding out until he gets everything that he wants in the house. Oh, he’ll give him a little here and there but he is a true puppet master. I think that George is 30-40 years his senior.

Chris is a power hungry asshole, who is also a little sociopathic. Bill and I always try try to stay one step ahead of him.

To be continued…

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