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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Devil You Know Part 3

David and I talk very seriously about moving in together after Bill M's freak out. We don't know at that time how long Bill M. will be gone but Roy and Tommy have allegedly spoken to Bill M.s mother and are getting all the news about Bill M. from her. 

Roy visits me in the basement later in the day and tells me that I should probably clean up parts of the house that need it, at least look for any spoiling food left laying around. I ask  if he will come in and go with me into Bill M.s bedroom. He sighs, shakes his head and walks into my house.

The house still looks like a bomb has gone off in it. I still hadn't touched anything or picked anything up from the scene earlier. Even after I saw them take Bill M. away, I still searched inside house to make sure he was gone. David promised me he was coming over later that night because I didn't feel comfortable and I just wanted someone to be there. David makes me feel safe.

Roy walks up to Bill M.s room and pushes the door further inwards,  then takes a step up into the room. I stay down the one step and peer around the corner. I don’t want to go in and earlier when I searched the house, I never enter his room but stand in front of his open door listening for any movement in the room.

Bill M.s room is filthy; it is just as unclean as he was when I saw him. The smell of rotting food is overpowering and Roy is talking to me while pinching his nose. “The cops tackled him here,” Roy points to the corner of the room “And dragged him through the kitchen.” Roy now pointed towards the living room and then towards the street.

Roy then reaches down and pulls a rotten banana from the floor, its skin splits and its insides run over his hand to the floor. Roy gags.
It takes the rest of the day until the house is clean; we finish just 10 minutes before David arrives. He just came from working a shift at Jack’s. When I answer the door to him, his shirt is open and the bow tie is around his neck. I suddenly feel safer.

David and I lock my bedroom door just in case we are going to be killed in the middle of the night. By morning we are talking about how safe I might be living with Bill M. I need to make more money if I am going to move in with David because there are so many expenses that come up with moving and I want to make this break as quick and clean as possible. I start by letting Tommy and Roy know my plan, they are concerned that I will leave without paying rent and because Bill M. is in the hospital they fear that they could get screwed. I swear to Roy that I will not screw him and I even cross my heart with my index finger to show how serious I am.

I have taken a new job at the Jewish Community Center in Albany and will take any shift that I can. It will not make me enough money and I still have been looking for another job. Luckily, I have a couple of leads. A friend of mines mother owns a new business that makes balloon bouquets and delivers them. I lie at the initial interview and tell them that I have a driver’s license; it’s pretty clear by the way I look that I walked to the interview. All I have to my name is a GED, a roommate that recently tried to kill me, a hot boyfriend and a fear of the dark. I tend to not say that at any interviews I go to.

My friend and co-worker at the JCC is worried about my state of mind, she asks me if I want to go on a one day trip to New York City. She’s originally from the Bronx and she’s driving.

To be continued....

Geoffrey Doig-Marx holds all written and electronic rights to his writing "A Day in the Life". It can not be reprinted in part or whole without his written consent. 

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