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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A New Start at the House of George Part 10

Joe was very sweet to me when I told him that I had been looking at apartments and planned on moving out this coming weekend. 

I was pretty excited when I got back to the house and wanted to tell everyone my news. Joe was of course in the basement and nobody else seemed to be around.

Cautiously, I headed into the basement. “Joe, are you here?” I yell from the landing. “Umfffffmmmmmmm!” I hear in response. 

“Joe?” I yell again. “Yes! I am. Sorry, in the back.” Joe yells. As I round the corner I immediately see Joe tied to a basement pillar, his pants are around his ankles and a ball gag hangs around his neck. Standing three feet from him in ass-less chaps is some rough trade looking kid with a leather military hat on his head.

I pretend I see nothing and plow right on. I tell Joe my news. “Wonderful!” he exclaims and he tells me “He has met George at the Waterworks Pub but knows very little about him.

“Oh where are my manners?” Joe asks me. “Geoff this is Patrick.” “Patrick this is Geoff.” The rough trade boy in the ass-less chaps extends his hand to me. “Pleasure.” I say grasping back firmly.

I climb out of the basement to find Adam sitting on the couch with his feet up. “I would have told you not to go down there.” He says not looking at me. “You weren’t around to warn me.” I still pretend that I saw nothing out of the ordinary in the basement.

“I was hiding in the bathroom,” Adam responds. “That kid gives me the creeps!” “If he had killed and eaten Joe in the basement, I wouldn't have been surprised.”

To be continued……

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